Figurative scenes

This series of paintings has been painted over the recent years. It is a work still in progress and will be for the years to come. Through these scenes there are impressions, feelings and an attempt to represent a person at a time in their life. It is both timeless and deeply anchored at a certain time of the artist life. If the viewers can connect personaly to what the painting makes them feel and appropriate it, then it takes another dimension, another life that is out of control of the artist.


Shattered representation of people

The various ways to display the canvases of these shattered portraits allows to see through them the way one’s want. Meeting the persons painted (personalities or not), having exchanges, discussions with them and waiting for the moment to see something in their eyes was the main part of the process. Catching this little something…

Someone said to his wife “You say you both recognize yourself and don’t. That’s because the painting is halfway between you and the artist. It is the way he sees you and he wants to represent you to us. It can’t be the way you see yourself. Otherwise it would be a photograph”.