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GAëtano was born in Normandy just as West Germany triumphed at their home football World Cup. He didn’t choose a career in sports, however, as he was too busy practicing his self-taught painting skills on his parents' walls. Aged 10, as Celine Dion sang in front of Pope John-Paul II, GAëtano entered into art class rebellion by not handing in any work to the teacher. He claimed: “Art cannot be graded. It is the view the artist offers to the viewers’ sensibility, for them to appreciate, be moved or think their 6 year old can do better”. This attitude earned him some quality time in detention, where he could indulge his interest for life drawing to his heart's content. He now lives between the waves. His paintings have since travelled to Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Japan, the USA & China.
Pintura al oleo
Lived in a shoebox
Days in a year to paint
Fingers to hold a brush
Colours to choose from

wHAt is Going oN ?

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